Wednesday, November 15, 2006

::: Drums Along the MOHAWK :::

After I watched this movie, I realized that what is very important to everyonem, is to keep and protect the one we love, the place we belong from the danger. As in the movie, all American fight back to the British for protecting their lives and their loved family. This is the beginning for the American Revolution, that make the great change to the world civilizaton.

This story tells us the story about Gilbert and Lina, a newly wed who move in and settle at the Mohawk Valley but they are ruined by the Indian and the British. Their farm are burned down and their house's also destroyed. Finally, Gilbert decided to join the army to fight back to the british. Even, Lana also fight with the Indian to protect her live and her own hometown. At the end of the movie, Gilbert is back with the victory of all Americans and also starts the dependent period for American people.

What I like in this movie is to know that even though wars bring lost and sadness but sometimes when we have to protect uor beloved people and place, fighting back is not that bad. Like in this movie, a lot of people died in the revolutionary war but its result that is the FREEDOM for everyone in the nation, it's worth sacrificing.

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