Sunday, November 19, 2006

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This movie is quite different from other civil war movies because this movie is full of love, fun, and faith. This story is about the Quakers family that settle at the South Indianna in the period of civil wars, they believe that war bring out sadness and lost, so they try to aviod joining in the war but when the war has come to their lives, what will they decide to do to protect their own family and hometown?

The Quakers family with the head of the family, Jess Birdwell, live happily in their farmhouse, together with his lovely family, Eliza Birdwell, his wife, whose pet goose named Samantha. Jess and Eliza have 3 children, Josh, thier oldest son, Mattie their daughter and little Jess, their youngest son. They all live happily but unfortunately the Rebel troops come across their hometown, a lot of people from their village join the ambush of Conferderate cavalry at the river, but the Quakers refuse to join in because they believe in peace. However, Josh decide to join the ambush even though it may depress his parent, together with Gard, the Union Officer in charge of the riverside ambush and also the Mattie's boyfriend. At the end of the movie, Jess decide to find Josh at the ambush, he found his son lied on the ground wounded, they come back to their house and the troop has also gone. Finally, they're back to their odinary life and live happily ever.

In my opinion, I really like this movie because this movie shows me many beautiful scenes in the movie, let me know the importance of the family like the Quakers, that try to protect their own family even though they have to join in the war, and also this movie has a lot of humors that made the movie so funny and smooth. Even though this movie is evoled in the civil war but with the wonderful happy ending, the movie can make audience feel warm and joy. I believe that this movie is such a good and fun movie for every audience.

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The Ajarn said...

Your blog about the Quakers was a mishmash (mixture) of cut and paste and your own thoughts. Forget the cut and paste.

Watch the movie. Take a few notes as to what you see in the background that relates to the period and then blog the movie.

Blogging the movie means you tell us what you thought about the movie. Concentrate on possible aspects of American culture the movie portrayed. Focus on these aspects and go into detail as to what they mean and how they apply today.

You are about half a blogger right now. Follow my directions and the next time you will be a certified full blogger!!