Monday, January 29, 2007

:: Meet John Doe :: [Great Depression]

Again, I found difficulty watching movie without subtitle, and more trouble with black and white scene, anyway i'll try my best. But, after watching this movie, all i can say is it's really boring and boring.....because even though at the first part of the movie, it may seem interesting about how they try to cheat on people by creating the faked character to be the real one and the guy who play as John Doe, really looks like the one who play "James Bond007", but at the middle f the movie, it become the real boring experience watching this movie, nothing's interesting and the movie just goes with no direction, and then at the end of the movie, everything seems to be better with the scene that made me really exited and really want to know whether John will fump off the building or not, and like i guess he did'nt and then the movie ended suddenly without any cue... that really made me soooo confused about how they wrote the script like this.
What i can see in this movie is that in the age of great depression of America, people seems to do everything to get their money like character in the movie "Ann", when she's fired, she could do everything to get her job back, even though she have to cheat on people by creating the faked character......but i think i understand her feeling because she had no choice left and at that time, people could get fired anytime, so if it's necessary, we can do anyway to survive. Next thing i want to mention is when John went to the show that at first i think i's T.V. show, but i think exactly it's radio station because i cannot see any video camera and people can can enjoy the show by radio, so i think maybe in that time, there's still no video camera or T.V. broadcasting there...but one thing that really made me so surprised is airplane, i meant the real transportable plane not a military plane, wow, seems like technology had been improved very very quickly within 19th centaury.....

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The Ajarn said...

Magnificant. Magnificant. What a great blog! This is what blogging was meant to be.

You watched. You got bored. You told us why you were bored. You watched for items in the background to explain the era. You found them. You brought us back to the story and found some interesting things about the story. Wow. Wonderful.

Your blog was better than the movie!