Sunday, January 28, 2007

:: Meet Me in St. Louis :: [Industrial Age]

Watching this movie is the real fun, because of the easy-to-understand content and many beautiful scenes in this movie make this movie very enjoyable to watch. Since the opening of the movie, I can see a lots of American life in the movie, people in that time used the classic car that looked very classic and unigue, also in that time, people still made everything by their own even the ketchup, that seems very complicated than just buying in the supermarket like in this period.

The next thing that i can see is that, in that period, it's the time for new developed transportation that is trolley, rather than the classic car and horses, it's mass transportation that made the city lives become more comfortable. Next thing i found really interesting is the way they use telephone, do they have to shout out loud while they talking on the telephone? ha ha If it's true, then it's really funny because everyone in the house would hear what you said or even your your neighbor... Another thing that made me really curious is why people in that time had to wear full uniform while they having dinner in their own house, it looks very uncomfortable.

One thing i want to mention, in this movie, i can see the old tradition of Halloween and Chritmas, Halloween seem to be the day for the kids to treat people and i just knew that children would throw powder into people face ha ha, it really remind me about Songkarn day in Thailand, and Christmas is the real family day from the past until now, watching all family members building a snowman made me really want to try building one... The movie ends with the scene of the annual fair in St. Louis that many characters have been mentioned many times, what the movie want to show is that in that period, civilization was expanded all over the continent, not just the big city like New York, it's the real age of industrialization, that many people found thier new oppotunities...

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The Ajarn said...

You have moved up to the head of the line for blogging. Your blogs are simply great. I love the way you go into details about things that interested you. Your comments were right on about Halloween and Christmas. IF you are not having a good time in this class, then you are fooling me. I enjoy your blogs as well as anyone elses.

Your blog was as good as the movie and the movie is very, very good.