Thursday, December 28, 2006

:: Christmas With The Kranks ::

This Christmas movie made me understand the importance of Christmas to American people, it’s not just a holiday, but it’s something more than that, it’s the family day, it’s the day that everyone shares loves, wishes and goodwill to each others. Christmas means love in the family, if there’s no love in the family, the real Christmas cannot occur, like in the movie because the Krank’s daughter has to go to South Africa, so her parents don’t feel like it’s Christmas anymore when one of the family is missing.
Then, Mr. and Mrs. Krank decided to skip the Christmas party and plan to go to Caribbean Cruise Trip instead. It’s really funny how they tried to escape from their neighbors who disagree with them about skipping Christmas and try every way to persuade them to join Christmas party. This movie composes of many funny scenes that make this movie a very enjoyable movie to watch in Christmas time like now.
My favorite scenes are the scene in the supermarket where Mrs. Krank compete with another old woman to chase for the last ham piece but unfortunately fall into the cartridge (LOL) and another scene is the scene that the Krank knew that their dauther is coming back home for Christmas party, so Mrs. Krank try to make up on her husband to disguise his tan skin but his face is too white with too much base powder and Mr. Krank say that “I looks like my mother who has died about 15 years ago ” (LOL), it’s funny to watch this movie and in the same time, it let me know that like my favorite Christmas movie “Love Actually” says “Actually love is all around us in family, friends, or even neighbor ”.

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