Sunday, December 17, 2006

:: Chato's land ::

I found a great difficulty watching this movie without English subtitle and also with a lot of terrific scenes in the movie made me really scared. This movie composed of many action scenes that might match with action movie’s lover but not for me. Watching this movie remind me to the old bloody action movie that everyone in the movie would end up dying in the unpleasant way. The only one scene that really attract my attraction is when Chato throw the angry snake to his rival in order to let the snake bite the man to death. This made me wondering that is it gonna be realistic in the real life, is the snake that much terrific and would it really bite whomever it’s thrown to? If it was true, maybe this will be a great way to get rid of someone who we really hate, don’t you think so…

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inthaihill said...

This was the typical anti-Vietnam war movie of the 1970s that did not work. The idea behind it was ok but the whole thing was a bit out of wack (mixed up).

You got the cultural aspects ok, though. This is Charles Bronson at his typical tough guy best.

The key was - do not mess with Apaches.

You did ok on the blog.

A. Cecil