Sunday, December 17, 2006

:: Sergeant Rutledge ::

This movie make me a little bit bored with the overwhelming length of the movie and the way the story goes by being told by each one in the court, this make the movie hard to understand and imagine. The only one who really attract me is the court head’s wife, the old woman who always holding fan and umbrella, she is really funny and made me laugh out loud when she refuse to swear to the bible except it was written by her respected writer.

At the end of the movie, after making me so confused that who is the real murderer and then suddenly all the truth just come out with no cue before, it’s just too easy. But one thing that I really sympathize with the African-American sergeant is that whenever people become biased or prejudiced with someone, they just jump to the conclusion and judge people by their own belief.

Anyway, I think that this movie is quite a good movie in the aspect of showing us that how cruel people can do with those who’re different from them. So, the movie end up with showing us that the real murderer is noone but the white man itself. Again, what I want to say is human ethical shouldn’t be weighted by their race or nationality.

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inthaihill said...

You covered all the aspects of this movie. It is considered to be unique in the way the cameras focus on the witness then go back to the events the witness is speaking about. A little hard to follow but I though it was very effective.

The plot was great. It kept me wondering all the way through the movie until the end. The director did his job in keeping this thing suspenseful.

Good job of blogging this movie. You have a good understanding of problems with a mixed cultural setting like in the West during the expansion years. Big problems between the whites, the blacks, the Indians and anyone else.

A. Cecil