Sunday, December 17, 2006

:: Indian Fighter ::

I think, this is a good Indian movie to see because it shows us that not all Indian are bad and at the same time, not all white people are good, a proof that shows us that ethical cannot be measured by race or nationality. At first I saw this movie’s title, I began wondering, is this movie about the white man hunting for Indian, but once I saw the movie, I think that the movie’s title should be changed into the “Indian Ambassador” instead, because the character called the Indian fighter in the movie do nothing but trying to build good relationship between white and red people by making love to the Indian tribe leader’s daughter.

One of the scene that really impress me is the scene that when Johnny (the Indian fighter) had to leave his Indian girlfriend to help his people, the Indian girl said,” You go away and forget, I must stay and remember” and when Johnny explain to her and ask her to smile and say goodbye to him, the girl just say “Good bye” with her really big voice, this made me a little bit funny and romance at the same time.
Another scene that I feel impressed are any scene that the boy take the photograph foe the Indian and all the Indian just freak out and jump off every time the photograph is shot, that made me really curios that at that time, did the photographing make that much noise?? If it’s true, that’s really a big noise…ha ha

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