Sunday, February 4, 2007

:: Bobby Jones - Stroke of Genius :: [Roar20]

After finished watching this movie, I began thinking about learning to play golf, because there’re many scenes in this movie that shows how playing golf might be the real interesting and exiting sports, personally I really like the way that the movie shows how the ball is hit and fly over the sky, it’s sound really attract to try hitting the ball to fly away as far as in the movie. This movie also cause me a question that why there’s gonna be 18 holes in one golf course or is it true as the character in movie said that it because there’re about 18 shots for one whisky, so they decided that there should be 18 hoes for golf as well. And did they already drink cola-cola since about 70 years ago? , wow, it means that cola soft drink has been produced about 100 years already, that’s so amazing.

The movie also shows the picture of the American culture around the year of 1935 to 1940, when many new invented equipments and technologies had been used in the society such as engine car (that looks really classic), electronic trail way, the telephone (that also looks really weird because of it’s shape that really looks like a pepper mill and I can’t see how to make a phone call because I don’t know where’s the number button to push). One scene that I really like is the romantic scene that Jones kiss his girlfriend under the same umbrella during the rain, this is really romantic and really classic scene too. This real-life based movie illustrates and be a good example of one man story who never give up to raise his dream and finally he could reach his goal, and even if you fail, it’s okay just stand up and fight again, that’s never too hard to make your dream come true like one character in the movie said something about “Golf is like the life, it’s the game of recovery”…….

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The Ajarn said...

Bobby Jones is the finest golfer ever to play the game. You just about covered all the reasons why.

I can only say that your blogs are as good as I have seen in this class. You are watching your movies with an enthusiasm that one can easily read in your blogs.

Great blogging. Yep, Coca Cola is well over 100 years old. I did not catch th part about the 18 shots of whiskey. Great catch.

No one could match Bobby on the field and he was also one of the finest gentlement in America. Welcome to the true American sportsman.

Keep up the good work.