Saturday, February 17, 2007

:: Dr. Strangelove ::

At first, I think this movie’s gonna be a serious war movie which is full with fighting scene, but once I finished watching it, I’ve found that it’s not at all. One thing I really want to know is, is it true that there’s always one reconnaissance plane flying around United States in order to protect the country in the emergency case or it’s just the story that the movie made up because sounds really unbelievable in that case. Other thing, I want to mention is, in military the commander’s order seems very importance that the soldier had to follow him even though it might be unreasonable like in the movie even though the pilot feel that it sounds weird to attack Russia as he’s ordered but anyway he still follow that order. Things I found really interesting in the President’s meeting are those about, the way that one general talk about the Russian, he really insulted everyone who is Russian as a bad communist, he didn’t believe what the Russian ambassador said at all, he always mistrust that it’s a plan of Russia to attack U.S., this shows the idea about how people think about Russia after the period of communism, they still saw Russian as the enemy. Anyway I found that it’s really funny in the conversation between U.S. President and the Russian Prime Minister, it seems like a children talk that each side trying not to lose to other side. At the late part, I found that there’re many funny scene in the movie that really made me laugh, such as, when the Russian ambassador mentioned that the reason why they invent the nuclear bomb is because that they don’t like nylon and the washing machine and the Russian source of information is “News York Times”(what!!! LOL), my favorite scene is the scene that the pilot chief tried to fix the bomb, but at last he fell down with the bomb, ha ha it’s really funny to see his face and he also wave his hand with pleasure ..ha ha.
The movie still continue the humor by ending the movie with the scene that suddenly Dr. Strangelove got up of his wheelchair and stand up , he also shout that “God, I can walk” ha ha….what this movie is all about. But one thing I can see is, it seems really hard that people will truly trust each others, if they still got some biases to them, like the case of United States and Russia in this movie.

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