Tuesday, February 13, 2007

:: A Bridge Too Far :: [WWII - European Zone]

First of all, I have to confess that some kinds of world war movies are not my type at all, but anyway I’ll try my best. The movie began with an introduction that told the story plot after the D-Day war, which made it much easier to watch this movie. Later on, the movie told about the main task of the entire Allies’ troops that is to seize and hold the 3 main bridges in Holland that linked to the boundary of German. Then the battle scene begun, the scene that I like at the early art of the movie is the scene that a thousand of soldiers jumped off the plane and fall down the ground by parachutes, that’s really amazing scene, this made me really wondered of how they ever made this scene because it looks really realistic, especially the scene from the self-camera which attached to soldier when they jumped off the plane, it looked really scary when you see the ground far away down under your feet….
At the middle of the movie, the war still keep going on, with my curious about how the German really underestimate the Allies, even though they could keep the top secret file about seizing the bridges, but the German General believed it’s fake document, how come???!!, it’s really obvious… The interesting thing later on is the scene that the Dutch celebrated for the coming of the Allies’ troop, this scene’s tell us about how European people thought about the war during that period, they gave a warm good welcome to all Allies’ armies, they even gave the Allies a place to hide. A really long time had passed but nothing happened in the movie excepted war and war, scenes that rarely attracted me are the scene that one soldier ran into the battle to keep the capsule which was dropped by the plane but unfortunately he’s shot down before running back to the base…T-T such a sad scene and another scene that seemed really nonsense (but anyway I like it because it’s quite funny) was the scene that the old woman who already lost her mind because of the war, suddenly she ran out of the house in order to pick up the taxi, so she got shot and died in front of her house, it’s suppose to be a sad scene but I think it’s so funny especially the way she fall down with her ballet gesture ha ha…..

After 3 hours long with full of blood, bullets and my wishes hoping that the movie should had finished real soon because I already got bored, bored, bored, a real great bored. The movie just brought me to the end with the sad song sung by Allies’ armies who had been left behind the war, and also about 10000 soldiers died in the war, with the easy excuse by the General said that “Well, as you know, I’ve always thought we tried to go a bridge too far” …such an irresponsible words, wasn’t it??

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