Tuesday, February 13, 2007

:: Wake Island :: [WWII - Pacific Zone]

Watching this movie is much more enjoyable than watching another WWII movie below this post, it also made me realized sometimes it’s good to look back at the war victory, and see that how many people had to sacrifice to get those victories, the soldiers on the Wake Island was a good example of those groups of people. At first, the name of “Wake Island” didn’t sound familiar to me at all, but later on knowing that Wake Island is located in Pacific Ocean nearby the Pearl Harbor, help me some idea about it. One scene that I found really interesting was the scene that the Japanese ambassador came to the Island and declared that Japan wanted long lasting peace and wanted to build a good relationship with United States, I have to say that the actor who play this role acted really good because you can see that he always spoke with faked smile while he spoke like reading a script, with no doubt, Japan cheated on United States, Japan began attacking Pearl Harbor and Wake Island, Japan’s shown the world how a big fat liar ever happened in history . At the end of the movie, watching all soldiers died in duty trying to protect the Island made me really sad, especially watching how cruel the Japanese soldiers were, they shot the pilot who had to jumped off the plane and falling down to the sea, what!!, falling down to the sea was bad enough for him no need for more shooting, the movie ended with the great sacrifice of all American soldiers on the Island, hurrrrrr, how sad it was, then the question came to my mind why they didn’t send a back up to help those soldier at that time or they were just a small group of soldiers on the tiny far away island which were not important at all, I don’t think so……..

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