Monday, February 5, 2007

/// Blogs Assignment : Jack Dempsey ///

Jack Dempsey’s story can show us the clear picture of people's life that truly happened in the time of the American great depression,a lots of people lost job, then they had to do everything he could do to survive or to get money. Not except for Dempsey, he faced with many great difficulties before he could find out his talent in boxing that could save his life, that made Jack Dempsey become the legend of the American boxer. He was the champion of the world heavyweight title between 1919 and 1926, he is widely regarded as one of the greatest, if not the greatest, champions of all time. And also because of his exciting fights and his attractive personality that made him very popular among fans. Jack Dempsey grew up in a poor family, his father had difficulty in finding work that forced his family to move very often. Dempsey decided to leave home in his teenage, seeking for a better life for himself. Dempsey was a strong and powerful young man, who quickly discovered that he had a talent for fighting, later he began training to be a professional. At the first stage of his boxing career, looking for a chance to get money, Dempsey would occasionally go into saloons and challenge for fights. If anyone accepted his challenge, bets would be wagered. This seems like he's quite a gangster but the fact that when people got nothing to lose anymore, risking for something might be not that much bad choice, I think. What really made him very popular was because of his ten wins in a row that included the fight which he beat Sudenberg, who regarded as one of the world powerful boxer. I think that his success also came from his strong effort and patience that's why he still be mentioned even today.
Jack Dempsey was the real hero for all American not only because of his talent in boxing, and also because of his attempting to survive in the real tough time that might be a good example for the later generation in term of finding their own talent and try to make use of it for their own life.


The Ajarn said...

Jack DEmpsey was the worlds first sports millionaire. He was also probably the first sportsman to lose a million dollars as well.

Good research. Now you are an expert about Jack Dempsey.

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good bloging and well organized

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